Recycled eco-friendly collections


Green fashion

The fashion evolution is “green” and is more than just a passing fad. Increasing number of successful products are produced with low environmental impact material.

Thanks to a combination of innovative texture and technical knowledge, we are able to realize a wide range of fabrics for outdoor clothing by weaving recycled yarn.

That is an incredible opportunity to build and keep pushing for changes sustainable fabrics.


The rigth stuff

TOWECO is a textile brand that espouse these principles, since all the yarns used for productions are obtained by recycled post consumed materials.

In TOWECO collection, all the fabrics are made using only recycled polyester or nylon post-consumer and they are certified in conformity Global Recycled Standards (GRS).

TOWECO’s collection focuses on the elegant combination of trendy colors and chromatic selection developed on different weights and structures in order to satisfy all customer needs.