Accelerated biodegradability is the new frontier of sustainability


Synthetic fabrics

Natural fabrics used to be the most biodegradable ones around. Things like cotton, wool, hemp, or leather would decompose naturally using microorganisms but what about synthetic fabrics?

Polyester and polyamide represents the great part of textiles fabrics consumptions and they in common one thing: they biodegrade in over 200 years, creating a tremendous amount of textiles waste


Sustek project

With SUSTEK project we decided to change the way of thinking about biodegradability. With a careful selection of innovative yarns, we create a synthetic fabric collection able to decompose in less than 5 years (ASTM D5511). Thanks to specific additives, SUSTEK's fabrics are able to decompose much faster than normal synthetic fibers, without producing toxic substances during the degradation process and thus ensuring a reduced impact on the environment preserving pollution and overcrowding of landfills


How it works

The Sustek project is a fabrics collection with special additives that confer them an accelerated biodegradability.

These additives in conditions of anaerobic landfill, facilitate the access of bacteria in the microscopic structures of the fiber, swelling it when exposed to high humidity and activating the biofilm formation process through a biological mechanism known as "quorum sensing"