Free from fluorocarbons


Superior Water Repellency

The speed of life increases, making the outdoors the only solutions to leave the city behind focusing on passions and hobbies.

This necessity has started to bring a new type of customer in textile industry: the outdoorsman that values comfort and performance in outdoor apparel.


C-zero a responsabile choise

Water resistance is one of the most important requirements for a technical fabric but unfortunately the great part of today’s water repellent finishing is based on fluorocarbons, that come with harmful side products: PFOA and PFOS.

Technow’s C-zero project is focused on a new water repellent finishing, made without fluorocarbons and with the same performance level of the traditional finishing, for an innovative eco-friendly solution.

C-Zero Technical requirement

Water resistant: IPX5 at first application and IPX4 after 10 washes