Our offices in the world




Technow focuses its business on the development and production of innovative fabrics for fashion and sportswear clothing sector. Its headquarter is in Coldrerio, Switzerland, and it is the logistic and strategic centre of the entire Group Work is carried out in a team in order to share goals, ensure maximum performance and a constant exchange of different skills, so that the individual creative ideas can become first a product and then a collection. Technow group is a supply chain in which our own values are shared with our customers and external stakeholders, with a view to ensuring that production respects the environment and to achieving innovation and excellence.



Hong Kong

The organisation of our production processes in Asia is coordinated by our Hong Kong office. The team is the result of a fortunate cooperation experience which developed over the years and where different skills interact, each one specializing in one or more production processes. Our Customer Service Department is able to follow and inform the entire production chain of the group, which was conceived and structured so as to ensure the utmost efficiency, speed and accuracy at any time.




Our production chain is totally made in Italy. The creative weaving work produces the material bases, the fabrics with different wovens, blends, colours and mixes which are enhanced by our experts’ skills and the industrial know-how of the dyeing and coating processes. Finally, the fabrics enter the distribution chain to undergo their last transformation according to the needs of the individual brands: this is when specific stylistic and highly distinctive contents are added to the products so as to make them highly appealing to the consumer.




The most important production is made in Shanghai, where different company functions merge and interact. Within this scenario which is typical of the fashion industry, the production chain constantly seeks balance between creativeness and production needs. Raw textile materials are processed into industrial products, and remarkable potentialities inspired by new fashion trends and new technical developments all merge into the new fabrics.