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We create experiences through the tissues


What we constantly seek in our work is originality. The main features are our super matt or super glossy printed materials, whether extremely thin and almost weightless or stiffer, so as to create new volumes, or else enhanced by special types of finishing and coated to obtain a wet effect.


Two or three layer bonding and microporous breathable membranes are the main features of our technical fabric collection.


Re-closed ™ is a new type of finishing that allows the fabrics "to control" the stressing action of the stitching during garment making-up process.


Toweco is a textile brand that espouse these principles and the yarn is made by post consumed Pet bottle.

All our fabrics use 100% poly and nylon recycled have a certification conformity ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and International INTERTEK.


Graphene™ is an innovative nanotech soft and light material characterized by high conductive capacities that care the regulation of body temperature.

The unique properties of graphene, such as the thermal conductivity, electrostatic, lightness and antibacterial make it an interesting material for different application.