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Global Recycled Standard certification

The  Global Recycled Standard (GRS)  is promoted by  Textile Exchange , one of the most important non-profit organizations that internationally  promote responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector

With this standard, Textile Exchange recognizes the  fundamental importance of recycling  for the growth of a model of  sustainable production and consumption;  aims to encourage the  reduction of  resource consumption (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and to  increase the quality  of recycled products. The GRS provides for the issue of a   third party verified environmental statement which proves:

  • The content  of recycled materials of their products (both intermediate and finished)
  • Compliance  with environmental and social criteria in all of the production chain.

Technow is proud of being registered as a GRS operator by the usage of yarns obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles (PET), fishing nets, carpets and car tires. This new frontier of high quality “eco-friendly” recycled fabrics has all the characteristics to guarantee the highest quality standards in the environmental respect. Recycling and reusing textiles, fibres and waste materials is an effective method to build sustainability in the apparel industry and in the current scenario, recycling clothing would have an effect equivalent to removing one million cars off the road every year.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!


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