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What are the technical textiles and their fields of application

Technical textiles are in our lives, all around us, more than you might think.

Technical textiles are the fastest growing sector of the textile industry. We can define a textile as being ”technical” when it has been developed to meet the stringent high-performance requirements specific to a particular use.

In many cases, specially developed technical yarns are used to support and strengthen the properties of the textile.

The main applications of technical textiles are:

  • Transportation, mainly in the production of cars and aeroplanes and their interiors, for tyres, seat belts, airbags, etc.
  • Industrial products and components, used directly in processes or incorporated into products; for chemical and electrical and textile applications related to mechanical engineering.
  • Medical textiles: commonly used for bandages and sutures (sewing up wounds). Not all textile fibres can be used in this field, due to the interaction with organic fluids.
  • Home textiles, those used in the home environment: interior decoration and furniture, carpeting, sun protection, materials for pillows, fire retardants, floor and wall coverings, etc.
  • Components for clothing: technical textiles for clothing applications, especially in the finishing process, where the textile is treated under pressure and at high temperature.
  • Agriculture, horticulture and fishing: they are used for crop protection, fertilisation, etc. The essential properties required are strength, elongation, stiffness and biodegradation, resistance to sunlight and resistance to the toxic environment.
  • Construction: used as concrete reinforcement, for façade foundation systems, interior construction, insulation, as waterproofing materials, for air conditioning, noise prevention, visual protection, sun protection, and building safety.
  • Packaging: Includes various flexible textile materials used for packaging various products for industrial, agricultural, consumer and other goods.
  • Sports and leisure: One of the most popular sectors for technical textiles has always been the production of sportswear (e.g. shoes, artificial turf, advanced carbon fibre composites, racket frames, etc.).
  • Civil engineering: used in embankment reinforcement or construction work. Geotextiles are permeable textiles and are used with soils. They have the ability to separate, filter, protect or drain.
  • Protection and safety: protection against heat and radiation for firefighters’ clothing, against molten metals for welders, for bulletproof vests, etc.
  • Eco-friendly textiles: Environmental protection applications, such as floor sealing, erosion protection, air cleaning, waste treatment/recycling, etc.

Technow is mainly active in the marketing of yarns and in the production of textiles for the sports sector and components for clothing. However, over the last few years, an increasing number of developments have also been undertaken for industrial applications.


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