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Technow grows by 18% in the first nine months of 2020

The continuous research and development of innovation have made more headway than the health crisis.

Growth that not even the Covid crisis has been able to undermine; Technow has been reaping the rewards of innovation applied to fabrics. In the first nine months of this year, the company confirmed the positive trend with an average + 18% in three quarters.

We registered a slowdown, but we never headed in a negative direction“, says Francesco Lazzati, one of the founders of Technow, “The 35% increase in the first quarter fell to 14% in the second. Between July and September, we stood at around 8%. And for the last part of the year, despite the ongoing health crisis, we expect a gradual recovery of orders also in view of the spring fashion events which, unforeseen events aside, we believe may represent the first season not affected by Covid“.

A trend that rewards the choice to “apply a flexible business model, strongly oriented towards innovation and capable of embracing the main issues that emerged during the pandemic”, continues Lazzati.

In fact, Technow has established itself on the international market thanks to a great boost in terms of innovation and research. This has led to the development of three major projects that have revolutionised the approach to traditional fabric: Graphene Inside the Future, Re-closed and Toweco.

Although it is still difficult today to give a concrete future perspective of the textile market, Technow has a clear vision. The issues to focus on are those of sustainability and innovation, in addition to the value of the service.

The fabric market has undergone profound changes. At this point, it is no longer enough to produce ‘beautiful’ fabrics to guarantee competitiveness on the market, what makes the difference are the services linked to pre and post-sales. Technow develops its products step by step with the customer, helping them to select materials and keeping them updated on the latest applicable technologies” concludes Lazzati.


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