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Anti-Covid fabric developed by Technow

The graphene inside the yarn removes the viral load by 99%. Thanks to the “Graphene Inside the Future” project,Technow have obtained specific antiviral certification for graphene-based fabrics against Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2).

Technow has obtained antiviral certification for its graphene-based fabric with focus on Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2) virus. The fabric has been developed with the extrusion of graphene during the yarn production phase, demonstrating the material’s antiviral action. Textiles developed with the addition of graphene are able to kill the virus deposited on them and  guarantees protection against its transmission and contamination.

The test

Technow presented a knitted fabric to one of the few laboratories in Europe able to perform this type of testing.

The composition of the fabric tested was 90% rayon made with a 2.5% of graphene and a 10% of elastomer. Since elastomer has no antibacterial properties, the tested fabric can be said to have “a graphene concentration of 2%“.

The material in question is a knitwear fabric, easily used in clothing.

The test was carried out in compliance with the ISO 18184:2019 certification standard, inoculating the virus, in this case Covid-19, into the fabric and then checking its survival two hours later.

The result was surprising: the fabric passed the test with a 98.83% reduction in viral load.

It can thus be asserted that graphene, even applied in the percentage of 2%, gives the fabric intrinsic antiviral properties.

The uses

The main aspect of this application is in the creation of a yarn which, simply through the addition of graphene and without any type of chemical treatment (antibacterial or antiviral), would allow the production of fabrics which are fully washable and can maintain their thermal and antiviral properties during the time.

This result opens a new frontier in the use of fabrics to contain infection: for example, for masks, scarves or jacket collars, and fabrics for furnishings or vehicle seat covers

Thanks to this result, Technow has already started collaborating with various companies to produce the first antiviral fabrics.


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