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TechNow innovation hosted by Singularity University

An approach focused on tomorrow, flexibility and research have made the company an example of innovative enterprise.

Technow participated in Mission Three 2020 run by the Singularity University Legnano Chapter, an American initiative that informs and educates local communities on issues and benefits surrounding exponential technologies.

The presentation by TechNow Business Developer Francesco Lazzati dealt with the theme ‘Brand New Fashion’, looking at how technology is changing the way we do fashion from a variety of viewpoints.

After describing a history of more than sixty years of family involvement in the textile finishing trade, Francesco Lazzati talked about TechNow and its role as an innovator in high quality technical textiles.

TechNow decided not to wait any longer for customer requests to start research and development (R&D), it all comes from internal initiative”.

The champion of Francesco’s presentation was the unique ‘wonder material’ graphene, and the research and development that led to the birth and marketing of the proprietary brand “Graphene inside the future”, the first true industrial application in the world of technical textiles.

Singularity University chose TechNow as an example of renewal and innovation in the world of fashion, rewarding the company’s philosophy of devotion to continuous innovation and technological progress.

By registering on this site you can watch the complete video (in Italian) of Francesco Lazzati’s presentation (starting at 27’27”).


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