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With COVID-19, it is important to raise awareness of innovative materials

In the interview with Blasting News, Francesco Lazzati highlights the potential of using innovative materials, such as graphene, in the textile sector.

Technow is involved in marketing fabrics that are used both in fashion and in the sports sector. How can these two worlds come together? Will there be a possible convergence in the future?

Francesco Lazzati. The two worlds seem distinct, but they are actually very close. An increasingly high level of technicality is required in terms of both performance and image standards. It is necessary to identify the customer’s needs immediately.

It is precisely in the greater technicality required that convergence takes place: in sport, technical performance such as thermoregulation and resistance to stress are crucial.

In fashion, we focus on the innovativeness of the material and environmental awareness, given that the graphene we use comes from biomass, i.e. made from corn processing waste.

During this ongoing health emergency, what are the advantages of using graphene in the textile sector?

Francesco Lazzati. In these times, the most popular feature is antibacterial protection. Of course, there are several tests and criteria by which this is measured, and it all depends on the percentage of graphene that is applied to the fabric. The higher the percentage of graphene, the stronger the level of antibacterial protection will be.

With COVID-19, as a young company driven to innovate, what risks, and what opportunities do you expect to encounter in the coming months? 

Francesco Lazzati. The risks include intermittent production planning. In textiles, the coronavirus has resulted in the postponement of an entire season; the summer season has been lost. On the other hand, opportunities can be found in terms of raising people’s awareness of innovative materials that can also meet needs related to the pandemic, as in the case of antibacterial protection or thermoregulation.

The basic idea is to think of developments that are more performance-conscious and also more sustainable with respect to the current context of global change.

Read the full interview here (in Italian).


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