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Graphene, Smart Textiles at White Milano 2020

Developed as part of the “Graphene Inside the future” project, the smart textile, made with an eco-sustainable process, will be showcase at SuperstudioPiù’s Tortona 27 space.

Textile innovation is coming into Italy through the front door. Technow has chosen the White Milano contemporary fashion event to present its project “Graphene Inside the Future”. An ultra-innovative and eco-sustainable solution that gives added value to yarn, fiber and padding products thanks to graphene properties: guaranteed thermal regulation, antistatic and antibacterial action.

From t-shirts to jackets, furniture upholstery to protective clothing, car seat covers and padding, graphene brings added value to the world of textiles. Several international brands have already adopted graphene based solution in their fashion and sportswear collections.

At White Milano, Technow presents five innovative applications of Graphene in textiles:

  • Art. T1235-L20D: 20D fabric with a graphene wearable membrane;
  • Art. 64117: nylon-graphene antibacterial lining;
  • Art. 64092: a two-layer fabric with antibacterial graphene fleece and recycled polyester post-consumer;
  • Art. 63990: a 100% recycled polyester post-consumer fabric;
  • Art. TN20519: antibacterial graphene with AATCC100 certification.

Sharing the innovative and sustainable footprint, Technow will be a guest of WRAD on February 24th and 25th in the Tortona 27 – Superstudio Più space in Milan. 


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