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Antibacterial Poly-Graphene Fleece

With the outbreak of the pandemic all the industrial world has reshaped its priority and businesses are now scanning for those trends most likely to shore in nearest future. Topics like antibacterial, individual protection and garment sanification that only four month ago were considered “additional” now become “leading” for garment industry. That is why Technow have designed a new products range composed by Silver Ion Technology finishing combined with Graphene, in order to maximize antibacterial protection with all the physical benefit guaranteed by graphene application. TN191202A is an antibacterial poly-graphene fleece and it is the first result of this new product branch. This new type of textile solutions has immediately found applications into workwear, sanitary and daily wear garment production.

Comparative thermal distrubution between Poly-Graphene Fleece vs a traditional polyester fleece
Poly-Graphene Fleece


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